Sunday, January 29, 2012

I am one complex creature

Sometimes I don't need someone to answer my questions, sometimes I just need a hug or a friend to listen to me. I don't ask for much, not that I'm asking for money or millions of friends virtually or physically. I just need a friend who would be there when I need him/her, you don't need to give me an advice, just lend me your ears. Our populations are approximately 7billion, but I can hardly find 1 decent person who would lend their ears and spare their time without saying bad things about me behind my back. The moment I thought I have everything is the moment that I finally realised that I actually have nothing, nothing to boast about, nothing to be happy about. You might think that I always sound ungrateful, I just cant express my gratitude. I know I should be happy with what I have, but what do I have apart from my life, families, health and wealth ? Friends ? I don't think I have any of them, not to say that I really don't have any, but I don't have any friends who didn't talk behind my back. I'm plainly sorry

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