Sunday, January 29, 2012

the 5th semester

Things are a lot harder this semester. A lot of assignments awaits, limited time. I think it's gonna be the busiest semester as we had to organise and event. A lot of issues came up, as usual. Sorted that out already, well done. And my team & I are still discussing about our major event of the year. It is one big project, it's an honor to lead the team. I hope I'll be doing a good job. And yeah, about the event class. We had to organise an event, previously the original idea was to organise a "where music meets art" event. Music and art shows are combine, both at one place and at one time. It was indeed a very good idea, but we had a huge deal regarding the budget as we are no rich kid. My dad is no Tan Sri to sponsor our event. Okay the budget wasn't really a huge deal that made us cancel the plan. It was because the faculty itself is organising few charity events to raise money for the Somalia campaign. As our project manager hands in the proposal to the dean, the dean gave her an idea. Why don't we get the campaign done because what the campaign needs is people to run the event and make it successful.

I bet everybody can guess this, about half of the class disagree with the idea of running the Somalia campaign. However, after thinking it through we all decided to just go with it as we already had faced few difficulties regarding the original plan. And then, the project manager and few MTs, came up with a new plan which will be revealed soon enough. As for Mr.Dat's class , hurm I don't have anything to say. The rest is quite fine. I don't know why, but this semester hurm it feels more like internship period. It's not like going to class like before, maybe because we weren't assigned with ayam ayam's assignment.

Enough of Semester 5 so far, will update more later on when I have the time

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