Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hello Film Industry

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As I've mentioned earlier , I'm taking the Audio Video Production subject for this semester . It is an interesting subject , okay I've talked about this too .

On my previous class , Mr.Faizul give a full 3 hours of lecture on script-writing . From A-Z . He taught us about the techniques , process and showed us the sample . Frankly speaking , I've never thought that script writing is hard . Because the actors made it looks so easy .

To be honest , I didn't pay full attention in class on that day . I was terribly sleepy , can't stop myself from yawning . Thanks to the huge iMac in front of me , I managed to take a short nap without Mr.Faizul noticing . Not sure if he didn't notice me or he pretend that he didn't saw me sleeping .

Anyway , he also play some short clips of the movie Ninja Assassin , the one played by Rain about these crazy ninjas killing people . I've never watch the full movie of it , so ofcourse I didn't know the real story about the movie . Well , he showed us the clip to actually explain to us on how the script should be .

One scene of the movie shouldn't be too long . True , if a scene of a same issue is going on too long , the audience will get bored and they may not wait til the end . I thought that they do it on purpose , never thought that there's a reason why they kept changing the angle and such .

We were unofficially assigned to write a 5 minutes script which is approximately 7 pages . ERK yeah , my head is fulll loads of idea . This is very challenging , but still I thought it was cheesy until I go through the script layout . I wanna cry , feed me chocolate please .

You may never want to see it , it's as complicated as the complicated maze . But that makes this assignment a challenge .

I have no idea what kind of script I'd like to write for now . I'm still watching a few good movies , that I like , hoping that I would get some inspiration . Plus , Mr.Faizul said the script has to be something that is shoot-able , suitable for our current condition . If not , I would've write about the story on Jenna & her friends , the one I wrote when I was 16 .

This is very interesting , and I'm pretty much excited as I'm about to get involve in the local film industry , eventhough as an amateur , erk wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy amateur . Nevermind , this is the phase that everybody go through , the learning process .

Hope that I'll do well :) CHEERS to FILM INDUSTRY !


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