Thursday, August 11, 2011

lose weight in a week ?

Calorie shifting diet plan is the most popular diet plan today . It's some sort of diet plans that aims at shifting of calories to different diet.  It sounds a little impossible to me to lose weight in a week , how is that possible ? Here's how , this are all from the .

1. For the Muslims , this is a little similar to our Prophet's Sunnah . According to , you must consume food only until you are satisfied , not until you're losing your breath . Which also means , stop before you full . I know that it's hard to stop before you feel full , the key to this is to eat slowly and chew properly . It says that it takes 20minutes for the food to reach the 1st stage of digestion and hence the brain receives the signal also after 20 minutes.

2. Exercise everyday , you don't have to head to the gym all the time . Even brisk walking will do , hurm I really need to find time to do this . It also says that you dont have to do strength exercises that build muscle , so brisk walking can do the trick for you , but if you really want some muscles , better head to the gym . 

3. This calories shifting diet plans are based on individual body mass index . So , there's customized menu for individuals to lose weight . You also need to consider the kind of lifestyle you're in . For example , if you're a student , and you need a lot of energy , you have to pick something that could give you loads of energy but is low on calorie . 

4. Step 4 , you need to consume 4 meals a day and that should either go up or down .

By following this four steps , you will see the difference in 7 days , for real ah ?    

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