Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hello I'm a little Gatal tonight .

Tonight I shall unfold some secret of my own . I am almost 19 years old . I am a girl with lust for things . I have a dream , big one .

One ; To be successful in everything I do .
Two ; To make my family proud . 
Third ; To be merry and happy all the time . 
Fourth ; To have a a wonderful job . 
Fifth ; To be well-known ( in a good way ) .
Sixth ;  To serve my country in my own way .
Seventh ; To have a stable financial .
Eigth ; To take care of my parents .
Nineth ; To settle down with a man who deserve me .
Tenth ; To be a proud parents . 

I was born and born in a complete family . I still have both of my parents . I am always at the center . I was not rich , but I was not poor too . I did not get what I want all the time , but I sometimes get them when I behave . I was not spoilt much , I was taught to looked around from various angle . 

I must say that Im pretty much fussy , in almost everything . You know , sometimes I really want to see how my life would be in 8 years time . I'm afraid of getting married to a wrong man , and screw up my life . I dont want to make a huge mistake like that . I dont want to fall for a wrong person . I dont want to get married or date someone now , I just want to know . I need to know . 

I dont know what I'm thinking now . 8 years isn't that far from now . Hurm :( 

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