Thursday, April 14, 2011

A guy named D

My last post was on the 6th , it has been a week . Been a little busy with nothing . I feel depressed and terrible for the whole last week , and weekend just dont seemed to help it out . So , overall I'm havin such a bad time of my life . 

You know , I really hate regretting . But I wish I could turn back time , and behave well . What I did in the past , which I thought it is FUN , is actually not FUN at all . I played with people's heart , ended up being played . The thing is , I did not learnt my lesson right after it , I got it wayyy after it , when I'm already in messed . 

Okayy D , you lied to me . Well , I lied to you too . My bad that I didnt tell you about O . We both were tied to others . I did not know I would fell on my knees for you . After gotten sooo into you , you told me that we should put an end to it . The reason is because I'm not good enough for you , because I'm too good for you , you're a demon . I'm not rich enough for you . But I knew it was all a lie . If it's true , why do you bother asking me about my status few months after ? Why ? I knew it . The thing we had was pure and all we want is love . We don't want anything more or anything less . I don't want relationships , but what I want is you , there , for me , all the time . You don't have to break up with your girlfriend , but you yourself told me she wasn't the right person for you , you hated her so much , that you convinced me that you don't want her anymore because of what we have . 

Now time has passed us by . I don't know what happened to you . And suddenly you are in a relationship with someone you just now ? I dont feel sad , but Im shocked . 

Itu je okayy bai . 

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