Saturday, April 2, 2011

MAKAN : Zam Zam Seksyen 9 Shah Alam .

Actually this was so long ago , I think about two months already . I dont have the time to edit the photo as well as to upload them and write a review about it not because it is not that delicious but it wasnt my all time favourite .

However , Zam Zam is a house of delicious Arab cuisine . They serve almost everything , from chicken, to seafood with different style of cooking . You name it . One of the must try when you're going for Arab food is the Chicken Mandy .

This is the Chicken Mandy (RM18) , the portion is quite big . It could serve two while big eaters will be satisfied with the portion . However , the Chicken Mandy that we got that day was not hot , so it didnt really wake our senses . Didn't smell that nice pun . But the taste didn't dissapoint us that much , I would give it 3.5 stars out of 5 . This was mom's .

Then we moved on to my pick of the night Shish Tawook . It is basically a cubes of chicken , skewered and grilled to perfection .

This is my Shish Tawook / Shish Kebab (RM25). You can either have it with rice or with bread ( the price may be different if you took bread instead of rice ) , since  I was pretty hungry that day , I go for rice . It is served with fries, tomato puree and their original Arabian yogurt which taste totally different than the normal yogurt that we bought from the hypermarket . What makes the yogurt so special is it is very very thick , the texture is very smooth . At first I was shocked as I've never ate chicken , rice with yogurt . It's bizarre . Well , the taste was amazing . It blew me off . I was happy fat kid who gets a box of choco . The chicken is so tender , but again , the dishes is not as hot as I expected . The rice is fantastic.

While my sister is up for something without rice , so she ordered a lamb kebab or KhashKhash Kebab . 

This is the most normal kebab ever . The meat is very tender and juicy . Very mouth watering , swallow your saliva puhlease . The lamb kebab is served with Arab bread , fries , tomato puree and as well as the Arabian yogurt . This delicious meal cost RM20. What I like about the KhashKhash Kebab is that the lamb doesn't have any smell and it goes very well with the yogurt . 

On that night , we ordered the special Arab Mint Tea . Arab Mint Tea is a little bitter , it is not thick but slightly bitter , you might want to add a lot of sugar . I myself don't like my tea to be bitter . However , the tea is very very refreshing , the scent of the mint refreshes your mind , very soothing . I really like my tea with mint . If I'm not mistaken , you can choose either to order a pot of tea or a cup , but a pot of tea would cost you RM8.   A pot of the Arab Mint Tea can get around 10 small glass . 

This is how it looks like , a normal tea pot , and a cute mini cup . It's good to drink this sometimes , but since I'm a heavy drinker , means I drink a lot . We ordered another drink . It is something like the famous Barbican , but what makes it different is the brand , and the taste . 

This one is Hillsburg (RM3.50) if Im not mistaken . I prefer Barbican rather than Hillsburg , why ? Because Hillsburg is too gassy . There are several kinds of drinks you can choose , from pure juices to Arabian carbonated drinks . 

Before I forgot , as for the starter/appertizer , we ordered Shakshouka . 

Shakshouka costs around RM10 . It is a combination of scrambled eggs , tomatoes and onions . It's a little sweet , because of the tomatoes and onions . It's definitely not one of my favourite as I'm not a vegetable eater . But its totally something new . 

The best part of Arabian cuisine ..... The dessert ! Yes the dessert ! Plenty of dessert to choose from , but my all time favourite is Baklava :) Smilling from ear to ear . 

This is how Baklava looks like .

Okayy Baklava is a sweet pastry made of layers of filo pastry filled with loads and loads of chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup and sometimes honey . Normally , pistachio is used to make the Baklava . It is RM2 each . 

And this is Basbousa . It is semolina cake soaked in syrup which contains rose water . It's veryyyyyyyyyy sweeeeet and have strong scent of rose . Not my favourite because it is too sweet , and the strong scent of rose . Nice try though .

I couldn't remember how much we spent on that night , we also bought home some Baklava  :) Overall the food taste fine , as well as the presentation of the food. I think Saba Restaurant's food are much better than Zam Zam , so I think I'll just stick to Saba Restaurant . Saba Restaurant have two branches , one is in Setiawangsa and another one is in Cyberjaya . 

Food  ;  8/10
Service  ;  8/10 
Ambiance  ;  9/10 
Price  ; 8/10 

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