Monday, March 7, 2011

You made my day .

This actually happens on last Wednesday morning , I was in the car , just reached my college and was about to go out and up to my class . But something made me stay in the car for a while . One unexpected text message greet me that morning . I must say that I feel on top of the world when I read it . Never felt so happy like that . It was a text message from one my lecturer , she definitely gave me loads of motivation and idea . For once I felt motivated , its not that I wasnt motivated by my teachers and parents and friends . It's just that , this time it feels so special :)

I really dont have any specific reason of why I love her class and that subject , but I fell in love with the subject before I applied for Masccomm in Unisel . Mari buka sejarah permohonan I ke University . I , Sheriza Kamal not Kamil , telah apply jurusan Foundation in Psychology di Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia . Mata mak I pun terjojol masa tahu I nak apply Foundation in Psychology IN UIAM . Memang tekezut lah mak I nocs . However , I'm sadly to telll you that I didn't managed to get it because my results are mucho bad . Who would ever accept me though ada yang WORST . Well whatever , I wont brag much about me failing to get a spot in the goment University . If I did get thru , I wont be meeting this awesome peeps I met when I'm in Unisel . Unisel sucks , but the peeps are lovely .

Okayy back to the topic . After a few sms-es with my dear lecturer , she told me her hopes and said she'll pray for me as well. I seriously feel blessed with so much of love , attention and and I'm grateful to have another chance to make things right in my life . Alhamdulillah .

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