Monday, March 7, 2011

Alone by myself ?

Hello peeps . Long time no post :D My last post was on last Wednesday . I'm back in town , Shah alam , after a few days at my old house . I just finished my first paper for today , Visual Communication this morning . Spent last week preparing myself for this week . Hopefully I'll nail it .

Back to the topic , alone by myself ? Currently yes . I'm at my apartment . Alone . Sister is at work , mom is in Ipoh for her medical check up . So since im having my finals , I have no choice but to stay her with sister . Its nothing big actually , but I really really miss my mom . Never miss mom this much . What can I do , i love my mom a lot .

Anyway , tomorrow I'll be having my Pendidikan Islam paper . Read part of it , today I'm going to go all over the tips again and again :) Wish me luck .

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