Monday, March 7, 2011

Let's just stop bragging and starts appreciating .

I am a person who appreciates friends a lot . I love my friends like how I love my family . I treated them just like how I want to be treated . I believe I'm a good friend to my good friends * statement paling perasan * . However , I'm always mistreated by some . And I just dont know why . I used to brag , and keep complaining , keep updating my blog about my frustration . I just failed to realise that I have more than I what I really need . I seriously dont need thousands of good friends . Five is more than enough , yes , five . The five of them made me smile .

Who are they ?

Entah , tak tahu . Siapa lah The Five tu . Actually The Five is not some groupieee name okayy .

Introducing the miss HOO to the HAAA ,

She talks as much as she laughs . She rocks as much as she talks :D 

The miss Pinchyyy 

Puteri Nur Amalia . 
Know her since the first semester , but got close to her at the end of Semester 1 as we are partners in Computer Class :) Why miss Pinchy ? Because she likes to pinch . Especially when she cant stop laughing to my jokes * Perasan kan?*

The miss Karat , Jiwang and Geliman . 

Anizatul Amira 
My first friend in Unisel :) She talks alot , sing alot , crap alot . She likes to create new "jiwang karat ayats" . 

The miss-Mommy-Like-We-Like . 

Why mommy-like ? Sebab she's super duper caring . Just like mom . But it doesnt mean that we dont care :) We do , but just not as much as she does .

The miss Shy-Shy :) 

Why miss Shy-Shy ? Sebab first time I met her , she was kinda shy . Ye kot , ke aku je yang perasan ? Entah . Biarlah . What about Fyqqa ? Dont know much about her , but she's nice . Tapi dia bukan my coursemate . Dia college mate :D Tapi dia juga housemate Zagho and London :D

Bila dah lama belajar dekat college ini , I find that making friends is not an easy task *ayat paling kerap pakai* . At this phase , you'll start to learn more about people . And you'll learn how to judge them and do whatever it takes to still be you . At this stage jugak , ramai orang tersasar sebab baru belajar berdikari and jauh dari orang tua . 

Okayy , biar pun kau ada 1000 kawan , tapi semua tu fakers and talam dua muka , buat apa ? Biar lah kawan kita tu sikit and countable , tapi mereka berkualiti in the sense that we both are useful to each other . By that I mean , kena ada give and take . Sama macam bercinta , must not take peeps for granted . And no matter how hard we try to work things out in the friendship and nothing seems right anymore , just give it a rest . Let them be . One day when you're away from them they'll realise how much you mean to them . 

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