Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rumah manis rumah .

As you'll know , I now have two place that I call home . At first , my one and only home is the one in Ipoh , the other one is only shelter , the one in Shah Alam . But after a while it became my first home and the one I've lived for years is something like motel as I only go back or stay there for a while . So far , I've never stayed in Ipoh for a week . It's always for few days , max is 6days .

I used to love this place (Ipoh House) , its not that I dont love it anymore , it's just this place doesnt look the same like before . Not many changes , but still , it made me changes my mind about Ipoh's House . The main road in front is always busy before , it is still busy now , but not like before . It used to be noisy , but not anymore . The neighbourhood is always bright and you know , its very cheerful and it seems happy all the time . But now it has became one of the most quiet neighbourhood that were haunted so nobody wants to live here .

Taman Ria was a busy neighbourhood few years back , bus kept passing by each fifteen minutes , but I rarely see town buses passing by every half an hour . I hardly see my neighbours . Most of them had moved out , stayed with their children , and their house are for rent or for sale .

And and , we used to have two tele at home , The big one is downstairs while the medium one is on the second hall upstairs . After we left Ipoh for Shah Alam , dad took the medium tele to his office . So we're out of one tele , which really upset me . We also used to have two fridge , one is at the dining hall , the other one is at the kitchen . I dont know why , but I still feel like the fridge is still there , still at the dining hall . Dad had throw the kitchen fridge , its not old , but it couldnt function well . So he brought in a new one . The other fridge , I dont know where that one is . And dad also had throw out the cabinet as well as the tile on the staircase , so the staircase is always naked . Pffft ;P

His reason for throwing out the kitchen is pretty much acceptable . My house is kinda full of termite , and the kitchen cabinet was made of wood , and no proper treatment were done before building those cabinet . Well we all notice the termites problem after quiet a long time .

I used to cook when I still lived here , I used to bake anything that I could during my free time . Whenever Im going back to Ipoh , I'll always thought of baking something while Im at home . But the oven , which was previously place at the dining hall is now at the kitchen , it is placed on top of the my mom's favourite counter .   My house is also full of dust now , dad doesnt come home that often , so he didnt clean it up , we always came back for few days , so we've got no time to keep it dust free .

There you go , some are major changes some are minor , some doesnt change at all , which is my own room . the current room that Im using isnt mine , it's my brother's room , you see we all share rooms , because we certainly hate sleeping in rooms . Because we are addicted to the tele til we have to sleep with the tele . Even my parent's room doesnt have bed :D

Okayy lah bye bye , thats all about my rumah manis :)

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