Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Improve on English or lose out in job market, undergrads told

Improve on English or lose out in job market, undergrads told

There's one article on theStar regarding the undergrads and getting a job . This is the current scenario . And even I'm experiencing this , most of the students wants to be taught in Bahasa Malaysia . It's not that I'm not patriotic much when I'm saying this , but we Malaysian have to start to google ahead . 

In order to move forward , mastering the international language is a MUST . Why ?  Becaue the Americans don't understand Bahasa Malaysia except Belacan dan Paku . Okayy , let's take it this way , most people said English is a very tough language , but how do you know if you never try ? BM is not easy either , did you score +A if you say Bahasa Malaysia is a piece of cake ?

I just dont understand lah , you said English is hard , but you can understand twitter manuals , facebook , your blackberry manuals and menu . You can even pronounce and use simple words of English . All you need is a little effort in looking up to the dictionary and be patient and NEVER give up . But well , we are famous for our "Hangat hangat tahi ayam" attitude . 

I pity Malaysians , if like this ah I bet we can't go further . Dont ever dream of going international , because we never can . International people don't speak our language you see . 

Okayy lah , bragging pun tak guna . Malaysians won't change their mind , but just take China for example , when they are so eager to host the great sport games in their country , they took up English class . For what ? So that it's easier to communicate and could help them go one step ahead . Malaysians malaysians , will always be malaysians .


Aisya J said...

Malaysia's Government is so poorly handled. Now then they wanna change everything in English. Is not the people's faults that they are not good in English. They were never taught a proper English.
In Singapore for instance, their english teacher are mostly foreigners and what do we have here in Malaysia? Some crappy teacher who used Lah in every freaking sentence. I'm having the same ol problems everytime. And suprise surprise here in Matrics too.
Haih. What to do? Have to have self effort then :)

blacksheep said...

Can't agree more with you . The scenario is sickening . It all depends to the person itself . Now they don't have much option , they have to master the language .