Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I really hope that I'm a cave-person .

For once , I wish I live in a cave . I barely knew people , technology and everything that would upset me . I'm seriously sad . I'm not making fuss over small thing , but this is totally unacceptable . This is all ridiculous . 

You people call yourself my friend . Okayy when did you people call me your friend ? When I have a car to pick you guys up to hang out ? When I have money to treat you guys ? When I have fancy present for your birthday ? When you really need a shoulder ? When you are in a trouble ? When you need a reason to lie to your parents or such ? What the fuck wei . 

Stop telling lies , stop giving me reasons , stop stop stop , Just stop it . I'm being fuckin honest right now . 

I certainly know that we won't be as close as we were in highschool , but I never expect we could be like stranger . Okayy I moved earlier , but I NEVER abandoned you people , I may not be there where you want me , but my prayers , thoughts , heart , mind and love is always with you poeple . 

This is what happen when you treat people nicely . They will take you for granted . When they need you , they'll beg for you , they'll make you stay . But once you can't be there for them or do things for them , you'll their poops . They'll flush you out of their life . 

Seriously , if you guys happen to see this , please take note of this . 

First of all , I'm really upset about me going back to Ipoh then suddenly cannot come out and such . 

Secondly , only can come out if got people pick you up . HELLO WE USED TO TAKE CAB BEFORE .

Thirdly , we used to update each other about everything , but what are doing now ? It's not that we have to tell everything to each and everyone of us every day , at least once a week . 

I used to make time for everybody but why do I have to face this thing . I thought you guys were my bestfriendsforever , but it's mistake . I regret . You guys are friends for fun , not friends for tears . 

I wish I'm a heartless bitch . I wish I could forget all the fun we had during highschool . I love you guys alot . 

I do have new friends in Unisel , but that doesn't mean I forgot all of you completely , HELL NO . I never forget any of you . I never abandoned any of you , even when I'm in a relationship . I take friendship seriously . My friends are wayyyyyyy more important than my boyfriend . I told you people zillion times . 

Therefore , I think , this is the end of it . I had enough , my heart is so tawar . 
And if any of you are mad at me for going out with yo ex-boyfriend , please please please take note of this . I am not dating him , we are only normal friend . He's a good guy , a good friend of mine . That's it . I'm soooo not into relationship anymore . I had enough of guys and girls .

What are we now ? 

Still friends ? 

I dont know 

Hallway yang kita selalu lepak

Mana kita semua sekarang ? Lost in the track of time .  But why ? Why do we let it happened ? Guess our friendship means nothing to you all.

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