Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I simply hate this kind of people

I seriously dislike people who tell lies each and every minute . I also hate people who likes to give reason , I know everything happens for a reason , but you can't explain or create a reason everytime . It's really irritating incase you don't know . I felt irritated with you like all the time . I have to listen to all your crap about having a hard time to accept things . 
Heyy people come and go , come on . I know this goes to me as well , but I only look back at times . When I felt lonely and when I face the pessimistic in me . 

Okayy lah , it's okayy to cry and be sad over your past , but don't lah over do it . I know lah it's your life . But since I'm one of your friend , your sadness is my concern , and somehow it became terribly irritating for me to see you in this kind of condition . 

Hello , you are awesome ! Try to see things differently . If he couldn't love you the way you do , just move away from his sight . That means he's soooo not for you . Wouldn't it be boring if you stick with the same guy for years . Okayy okayy , I know you will mock me back about my attitude when I was a real teen who kept changing boyfriend , but that was then .

Honestly , at that time , I was googlin for a guy who could understand me and be patient and go through everything with me , and obviously those guys can't stand me , and most importantly can't understand me . That's why I ditch them . 

Why do you keep dead roses ? Their smell will fade in time . Why do you keep dead fish ? Their smell would kill you . Same goes to relationship , when you find that the guy/girl is giving you a hard time and you just can't work things out , just go away . Move on . Plenty of fish in the sea , lots of bugs and bees and honeys and flowers . Don't be silly . 

If you know how to love him at the first place , why don't you learn to erase him ? It's all mental . If you are brave enough , if you have the courage and spirit , you'll get through . Yourself come first , then only think of your boy/girl friend . Again don't be silly . 
He/She's not worth it . 

Thank you . 

Sincerely your concern friend , 

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TENGKU said...

asek nuffnang je, meh try this one http://tengkubitsuper.blogspot.com/2011/03/meh-saya-tolong-awak-buat-duit.html