Sunday, February 6, 2011

why is this happening to me ?

It's nothing actually , I really dont have to run around and scream like mad woman . I could just chill . lay down  and cry , blaming myself for my stupid mistake . I was a kid . How was I supposed to know that everything would turn bad and haunt me for years . I never expect this . I wish I can see the future at that time . If I do have that ability , I dont wish to know you . Youre an incurable disease . I feel sorry for myself . 

Your family hates me . And I hate you . For taking my heart away and you dont even bother to return it back to me ! Thats a mean thing to do . 

People kept asking me whether I still love you or maybe have feelings for you . My answer is I dont know because Ive been busy trying as hard as I could to avoid you . My fault I know . I started it first . Mengaku *nodding* .  I plea GUILTY your honour . But I dont want to fight with some girl over you . Not my thang baby . 

But I miss you , damnit . takyah cakap banyak about it , because I know you know . WE know . No matter how far I try to run with all the " memories " . I cant erase it . And I didnt leave you alone with all the "memories" we shared . 

hurm tah lah taktaw . nak kena berlari ke mana pulak lepas ni ? 


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