Sunday, February 6, 2011

this lonelinesss is killing me and i dot dot dot .

I miss the us that used to sit down at McD at any hour ,
 eating a lot of fries and chat and then tell of every secret that we know . 
I miss the us that likes camwhoring much ,
and ended laughing looking at the darndest photo of us .
I miss so many things about . 
I miss the feeling of jealous I get when someone text you when we're
in the cinema . 

And now I finally know *i dont know for sure , but  I can guess* that I have no right to do all the stuff anymore and no rights to be jealous . Its all over , but Im not over it . Im happy for you , but Im unhappy for myself too . However , I wont act patheticly infront of you . But one thing I'd like you to know , you're the best guy ever . You always made my day . McD is supa dupa fun with you . And thanks for singing your heart out for me . 

more ugleh photos soon . 

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