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MAKAN ; The Loaf Pavilion on a friday night .

this post is so long ago . few weeks ago . now only finish blogging about it

I went to the loaf last friday . I was the baby of the night "PERASAN" . Im the youngest so Im the baby lah . 
I wanted to follow my sister night out with her friends , because I havent try The Loaf at Pavilion yet. Actually never tried before . Tried the bread before . Expensive but worth it . 

This is the photo of the food court . Tried the foodcourt before . Everything is yummy . There's this one stall at the food court , they specialise on Korean food . And they are delish ! 

This is the sticky shop . Everything is sticky over here , so dont come near . Im warning you , dont come near ! LOL Im loving this shop a lot . The first time I saw some cute guy making custome made hand made blah blahh candy was few years back . Around 2005 kot , during my trip to Melbourne . They pull , cut , mould as hard as they could . So cute . I dont know if it's the same shop or what . But it is 99% the same . The candy , the jar , the concept of  " mari cik bedah tengok saya buat candy for yr sweet tooth " , almost the same . That is how they attract people . Because ye lah , who ever buat gula gula in front of everybody . LIVE show , starring cute guys . Tapi kat Pavilion ini pekerja dia ramai perempuan . URGGHHH . *tired eyes* 

He's moulding , chopping and bla bla . See , the Tall chinese guy , he seems to be amazed by this guy's talent . He's not talented , its not a special gift mister . He'd been taught how to do it -.-' 

This is the promotion item . Cute looking jar for the festive season . I think this only last for a month . 

This is the normal jar , the difference is this one doesnt have bunny on top of the jar .
Thats all. It comes in few different flavours and colours . Awesome weh . And and in the middle of the candy, there's some kind of pattern you know . Some shows the fruit . You can make your own candy , nt that I mean you can go and mould , shape bla bla . But you can choose your own flavour and design . 

Hello THE LOAF . The interior design is EXCLUSIVEEEEEEE ! The lighting , the service , everything is perfect . There's a large mirror at the end of the restaurant . There's curtain , to separate your table with the other behind your table . I mean my table . Very comfy chair . The seats are suitable for lounging and eating , and chatting . It's very cool , seriously . 

Kak Fatin and I 

Have I mention that The Loaf, Pavilion is a two storey restaurant . Upstairs is for dining . While down stairs is more to chilling at the open air area . The breads are downstairs , indoor . You can grab them and bring them up , they will put them in the bill . This is the view of downstairs from mid-stairs . 

This is one of the new creation . 50% discount is given to every new creation in store.  
This is Egg Roll . Never tried this before . 

Wide choice of pastry and bread . They are all delicious . Tried a few of them already . 

This is "nut" something . It looks " yummier in person " :D 

More breads . 

This is strawberry something .This one oso delicious , fantastic pastry with sweet strawberry .

This is mini-uhu-hu . I dont know how to describe its taste . Never tried it before . But my sister had a few of them before .

Marmalade in jar . 

View from the counter .

More bread , pastry and marmalade on the rack . 

My Tropical Mocktail 

Classis Sarsaparilla . 

Cant remember whats he's drinking

Can't remember hers as well :D 

Broccoli and asparagus soup serve in a bread bowl . The best !

The American Boys . lol . 

Taking photos while waiting for the food . 

Pesto Pasta . 

The Carbonara . Lovin the carbonara ALOT ! loads of bacon in it , so do mushroom .
It's extremely creamy , but the nice kind of creamy . 

This is the Black Ink something something . This is fabulous too .

This is mine ! Meatballs Pasta , heaven . The aroma of the meat is something you cant describe . The taste of the tender beef is uurrgghhh I just cant describe it . 

After the happy eating session . We asked for bills as we need to rush a little for movie .
See for yourself . A bit shock , but something to be expected . It is then equally divided by SIX . So it doesnt cost much really . And this includes some bread and pastry we took from downstairs . 

A photo outside The Loaf . 

I really enjoy every moment I spent at The Loaf . The interior is great , the service is superb , the food is beyond my vocab , everything seems perfect in The Loaf . I'd like to share about the price . Most of the pasta cost around Rm24-RM26 . Except for this one pasta which is the seafood pasta , it cost about RM55 , loads of seafood I tell you . And you'll get a complimentary bread , comes together with butter . Please take note that the menu are different according to the time of your visit . They have different menu in the morning , afternoon , tea time and dinner . 

* * * * * * * * = 8/10 stars . 

You can also check out the menu online . Simply click on to The Loaf  . 

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