Wednesday, February 16, 2011

be creative lah , duhh !

This is my first spring look which doesnt look too springy .

The floral crochet dress is from 
Gift Basket like Heels is from
Givenchy Duffle  Bag from 

Okayy what I try to visualize is an outfit to the park , A girl of course wearing this cute floral printed crochet dress , with a nice pair of basket like heels . Basically , this girl is going to park for a picnic with his boyfriend . The cupcakes deco symbolizes food , the sunglass is to be worn while walking , the straw hat is to cover her from the sunlight . And the chocolates in the basket are gift from the boyfriend . I used Edith Piaf - La Vie En Rose as the theme mainly because it is a soothing song to hear . The melody is truly sweet .
 I am not good at this , this is my third set . 

This is the second spring look , which doesnt resembles the spring theme at all . -.-' 

The background looks so terrible . lol . This is for FUN i tell you . 

Okayy , normally people use bright colour and mix it with earth colour like nude , yellow , light brown and so . But Im trying to create that spring look with HOT RED . Again this is for fun , and  i do know this is fugly . 

Im loving the shoe ! 
This is sooo devilish kan ? clapp clapp .

Its not an easy job to create an awesome and outstanding look, 
especially when you just dont have the talent .

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