Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Geli(GLEE) Baby

Teenage Dream by GLEE .

Im actually wasnt a big FAN of GLEE . But I am now a big fan of GLEE ! Never thought it is THAT interesting.
Well , the story are a little too common if youre going to compare it to 90210, blah blaa .
What I personally like about GLEE , is the song that they covered . I think they sang it better than the original singer did :) Don't you think so ?
But anyway , every singer have their own style , so Im not gonna complain more :D

One of my favourite part of the show is when everybody had this vission of Britney . And they go wild and freely , I certainly dont like the wild part , but being free is what matters the most when youre too uptight.

This is a little gay isn't it  ?

Okayy this one is my FAV !

At first I thought Kurt was doing duet with the most handsome guy on earth ,
Michael Buble . But it wasnt him.
A little gay as well , but very cute !

Never thought Gwenth can sing :) Impressive .

And you know what , my visual communication assignment on drawing things according
to how you visualize verbal thing , was drawing what I can visualize from a song called
Singing In The Rain by Gene Kelly . And it has been covered by the GLEES .

I am now wondering if my lecturer is picking that song because of the Glee . Hurmm ,
I shall pop this question to her :) A nice song indeed .

Here is the original piece of Gene Kelly .

Anyway , thats all for tonight , Im trying to work on designing few Spring pieces for Reebonz contest . Who knew my last minute piece would rock the judges and I could win myself 500 SGD and 500 Reebonz Credit :)

Goodnight , sweetdream bloggers :) 

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