Sunday, January 23, 2011

cute kids with huge talent and opportunities

This is a cover made by Kidz Bop Kidz . So cuteee yet so talented . Took them for granted at first . Thought they could not really sing , but they impressed me . I simply wonder if they really are kids . I dont know much about them , but they have this "S Club 7" image . Still remember S Club 7 ? A British group . They have their accounts on VEVO youtube but it's only available on certain country . Too bad malaysians cant subs them as they are sort of banned in M'sia . They are talented , but somehow I think its better to banned them from M'sia or we'll have an enormous problem with the kids . Kids learn bad things fast . 

Whatever it is do check them out . There are several videos of them on that can be view , by Malaysians as well . Anyway , I love their version of SweetDream . Duperr cutee <3


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