Saturday, January 22, 2011

money could do the all the trick

If money is like the air I breathe . I'd like to be deadly suffocated .  
If money is like the amount of hair . I like my hair best . 
If money is like the amount of calories and fats I consumed . I'd love to be as fat as I am now . 

If only whatever I wish for is not just a wish . Some people are hard different , some are the same , some are in between the two . And I am in the three of it. I'd like to be rich , not famous , kind , pretty in and out , and have what every girl would die for . I am okayy when I'm in my duper positive state , but I could sometime be upset with what I have . Not being too ungrateful . But wishing I would have everything that I want . I mean , thing . Not everything in a sense that I want to have people that I want . Sometimes  I think it's easier to be a guy , because guys never cares about what he has . 

Well , I care for the bags I carry , shoes I wear , clothes I put on , accesories I choose and more physical stuff . It is a big deal to me . I dont mind spending on expensive item , but I can only do it sometime . I don't earn a cent , yet . I wish I don't have to . I wish my parents could just pass it on me . Flash me a credit card with unbelievable limit .


How does it feel to carry a Damier Ebene Canvas or maybe Birkin ? I would die to have them , no I wouldnt . My life is more precious than few 'k' to a number . But I still want at least a Vertu . Please mom . Oh forget it . Every penny you spend is a penny that you would appreciate as you earn it yourself . Every Damier Ebene Canvas you carry worth more than a fortune if you use the money you earn . 

So at the end of the day , I find that , I dont really have to be a Raja , Tengku or Dato' or even Tan Sri's daughter to have a classic Birkin , vintage Chanel , Damier Ebene Canvas Lv . I could still be me , myself and have them . And they are the ones who should be grateful to have me as their master hehe *evil grin* All I need to do is study hard , work hard , earn hard . I dont want to say that it's very "duniawi" as it satisfy me a lot . I would say that , it's a reward I should give myself if I manage to earn lots of cash . But before getting myself one of those , I'd like to give my mom a reward she deserve to get . 1st reward is my over-booming/succesful career and goodjob . 2nd reward is to be able to provide her with my stable financial . 3rd  reward her favourite handbag , you name it mom . Imma get you your Fendi the real one ofcourse . 4th cute and loving grandkids . 5th lead a happy life . All five as a token of appreciation . 

I should stop wishing what I wasnt born to have or to be . I know I should learn to suck it all in , and try to be what I wasnt born to be . I can always change my destiny with a little help from god . 

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