Friday, December 17, 2010

Flash back

Aku memang tengah teramat bosan , Jadi aku saja lah nak share video apa yang aku tengah tengok , kenapa apa berapa dan sebagainya , dalam english 5W 1H .

Currently listening to Ungu - Hampa Hatiku . 

This song was out somewhen last year , one of my favourite . Mak I pun suka taw , first is because of the melody dia lah . Lain dari yang lain , bukan lah lain sangat , cuma masa tu , most of the songs yang played on radio have almost the same tune/melody . So macam membosankan .

I nak tidur , tapi dah tengah hari , tapi matahari tak jugak tegak atas kapla . Tapi bakal dimarah kalau tidur juga

Lagu ni pulak ada banyak nilai sentimental dan kenangan for me .

Alaa kenangan zaman budak budak , this is a soundtrack for an Indo movie , Eiffel I'm in Love , which filmed at both Indonesia and Paris ofcourse . It is indeed a great love story at that time . Me sangat suka jalan cerita movie ni sebab interesting and very romantic . I think so , if youre twelve and you see this handsome guy , setting up a date , place and stuff for a girl , and a bed , full of rose petal , do you think its romantic ? It is to me , its beyond romanticness .

Next song , bring it on :D

This is G-Dragon & Top - High High , nothing much to talk about , nway they're hot and the video clip is blazin :)

While this BigBang - This Love , a korean version of This Love by Marroon 5. Basically its all the same , except he translated it a little bit and adds up a rapping part .

More videos soon . 

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