Friday, December 17, 2010

Brush it all away .

In previous post Ive been talking about the methods/techniques whatever you call in wearing eyeliner , and Im so attracted to this Sonia Kashuk application tools . Like the brushes , and some other tools . Well to be honest , I might like some other brand if they have this BENT EYELINER BRUSH . 
I find it handy and interesting , Im sucks at wearing eyeliner . I have this shaky hands problem and the size of my eyelid as well . So , each time I tried to put on the eyeliner it gets ugly , and smudgy . I could never wear it right .  Its one of the hardest thing for me to do . But anyhow , I think , with the help of Sonia Kashuk Bent eyeliner brush , the application of the eyeliner to they eyelid would be as easy as ABC .

These are Sonia Kashuk products which are sold only in Targets . I think so , because when I googled Sonia Kashuk , it alls relates back to Target .

In case you cant see the stuff that Ive mark ,

Memang unbelievable , $9.99 ? OMG , Murah nya , tapi bila convert dia jadi RM33 O.O
Macam nak nangis bila fikirkan yang kita kena convert it according to our currency . Anyhow , from what I heard , this Sonia Kashuk products are one of the best , one of the cheapest too . 

How I wish we have Target in Malaysia . T_T I wanted to buy online , but they dont deliver to Malaysia . Wanted to ask Kak Niar to get it for me , but they dont have Target in San Fransisco T_T 

Guess I'll have to hunt it around again :) 

More products on Target 

For your info , Target is like a hypermarket , the big one , selling loads of stuff . Just name it , they have it . Im in love with target since I was 10. I'm a fan or Barbie Mag Aussie , and most of the items that are published on the mag can be grab at any Target store . 

Im liking this lipgloss product from Lip Smacker , never had the chance to get myself one . They are the reasons why I flew to Melbourne and try my best to go and grab 'em at Target , but mission failed .

Adorable isnt it , this one ( below ) is for skittles lover :) 

Im just gonna stop here , I'll update more if I came across any good products :)

*Clickable photos , for bigger image*

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