Thursday, December 16, 2010

Baris kan mata mu

Thanks to Gorgeous Wadah for posting this inspiring video on facebook . This is definitely not her , but yeah , still thanks to her for posting her and letting me know that there's such thing as "BENT EYELINER BRUSH" . And currently Im busy googling it . I need it like freaking bad , seems like its damn easy to use 

Here are some inspiring videos which could help you in wearing eyeliner right , and make it smudged-free , for fantastic and intriguing eyes .

Be sure to try it , because Im on my way to try it :) 

Based on the above video , I find it super duper easy to put on eyeliner . It is almost accurate and see , no smudged at all . Incredible :) Me lovin it .

While this video Im posting (below) , shows you techniques on how to wear 'em right using the three form of eyeliner which is the eye pencil , eyeliner cream and liquid eye liner .

It is easy indeed .

This video shows you the technique to make a prefect cat eye .

The next video im gonna post is a technique on how to make your eyes looks brighter and larger . And I need to master up this technique as soon as possible because I have a really small eyes really , in case you didn't notice , I always opened my eyes as wide as I could , but when I looked at the mirror I find it very funny because it looks small and sometimes it looks like I dont even open my eyes . So tomorrow , Im gonna head head to town and start my hunting for this few items .

Anyway , check the video out , because its awesome .

This are simple steps to simple but stunning natural look.

For more videos , google or youtube lah sendiri eh :)
Ni saja share sebab alang alang seluk pekasam memang tengah tengok :)

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