Friday, December 17, 2010

I made an ENORMOUS mistake

I used to like straight hair , 

Then I like curly hair 

Then I fell in love with wavy hair 

So today I went for rebonding , like finally . And I really regret it , the result isnt what I hope it would be . It looks awful . I cant feel my hair anymore , it's too straight and numb , no volume at all , I got no time for treatment now . 

See betapa buruk rambut aku , nampak sangat gemuk . Eish tak sabar nak tunggu isnin untuk alter rambut :D hehe 

Macam sangat harem lah rambut ni , seriously menyesal , patut treatment je . Hurmm T_T Rindu jap kat rambut lama yang bervolume tu . 

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