Thursday, November 11, 2010


Pada mulanya Iwas totallymad sebab takdapat nak bukak and check result , stayed up late , woke up early . Saja nak check walaupun aku tahu its impossible for the result to keluar like freaking early . LOL , stupid me . But nwayyy , I managed to get through . How lucky.

And I guess all my waiting is paid off. I did great . HEHE , Fuyoo lah me , dapat 3.57 , Dean's list :D
So happy , finally I made my mom proud . Sekarang dah rasa sangat berkobar nak start SEMESTER 2 . This time nak belajar extra hard . Made a promise to myself , Sem 2 pun nak dapat dekan . Every semester nak dekan :) So that nanti boleh apply scholarship . And and boleh buat degree dekat UITM :) Hopefully dapat sambund master as well , macam my sister :D If they have the fellowship programme , I'd be delighted if I got the off macam Shina did . WOOHOO :)

So goodluck to myself , all the best , selamat berusaha :D

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