Friday, November 12, 2010

before schools out , college in .

Like what I wrote on my previous post , I went back to Ipoh . Which is currently my second house for the moment . No big changes except the dust coverng everything , on Thursday night , the night i arrived , I didnt really go around the house and do any inspection . All I know and care for is BED . Because Im exhausted and I need to get up early , because Im going out early in the morning . So I went upstairs and trying to sleep . Put on a new bedsheet and stuff . Lights off and I started to sneeze . Dust everywhere , a new friend of mine , BFF . I felt completely terrible . Like a drunk fella , with small eyes -.-

But still I managed to sleep . YEAHHHH .

Then got up early , called dyana to wake her up . She picked me up around 11 , then pick Aida up . Then we head for breakkie at ALLONG . Weee , finally I had the chance to eat my favourite Kuey tiaow gorenggggggggggg :)

Hundreds of Awards won .

My previous class, 5orchid .

The Back field , and the Orphanage , the other building at the back with
lots of window is actually Syuen Hotel , which located just across the road.

Capturing their timeless memory at the back field .

On the way going up to my class ,
this is a common pathway at Form 5 block .

The main hall view from my class .

The side ways of my class .

This is my class , and my place was at the
second door , some where at the board .

Teachers table and the blackboard .

Girls playing , dont know what game .

My form 1 class , but now is one of the teachers office .

Dyana And Afifah .


Form 3 building , Library , Laboratory , Badminton Court ,
Lower hall , and Canteen :)

Form 4 blocks , Dewan Serbaguna
Volleyball Court .

Huggin baby Jien <3>

Favourite spot to fix your hair , and make up for some people .
But me , just hair :)

With Puan Azizah and Puan Safiah .

At the Teacher's Room.

Still at the Teacher's Room .

Volleyball Court .

Nurul Zulaika .

View from Canteen hall .

Mira and Diedy , the birthday girl .

Canteen .

At the front .

Pn. Authar's room .

With our beloved Ms.Lau , literature in english teacher :)

Can see Ipoh Parade at the back .

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