Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My hometown .

I was born and raised in a small town named , Ipoh . Its a peaceful place to live . It has been 6months since I left Ipoh for Shah Alam . But there's no place like home , a place where you were born and raised . I had so many good and bad memories in Ipoh . No matter how bad I used to hate this small place , I still want to go back and have a good look at it .

My semester break had started for two weeks already , was supposed to go back , but never had the chance to go back . Well I gotta drive sister to her office like everyday . Thats the main reason why I couldnt go back earlier . The last time I went back was a total dissapointment . I hope it wont be this time , or I might not want to go back anymore .

I intend to pay a visit at my school , S.K. Marian Convent , and S.M.K Main Convent . I want to see all my juniors and teachers . I know I had left school for not even one year , but I miss school badly . So many things happened to me at that place . Both good and bad. And urm , I want to see my Jijie & Hapih <3>

Hopefully everything turn out well . Anyway I'm going back tomorrow night , with mom and Uncle Ramli :)


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