Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I miss being in a relationship

I dont like to get attach to people in the most special way as I get bored like freaking easily , but sometimes I get so jealous when I looked at couples photo . I love the flirting stuff but definitely not the life after that . I could survive the first few months but not after that.

It makes me looked mean and "apajenisperempuan* but I dont know, maybe Im not ready . But I liked to be loved and care and sayang and blahblah . LOL

I consider myself as single and mingle and ready to rock my socks on . But but the reason I cant be in a relationship is because I love to make friends, and my friends comes first before boyfriend ofcourse . thats the thing yang guys couldnt understand and accept. And I hate it gila gila when people puts a borderline to my social and private life . After all this is kinda puppy love kan kan ? So, chill lah .

Im pretty single now, so anyone ? LOL !

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