Saturday, June 5, 2010


I miss Ipoh like so much . I wonder why , I used to hate that silver mine city so much . Its so dead . With no lights and life . I bet my friends, family and life belongs to Ipoh . Shah Alam is definitely a fun city to live in as a teenager . The lights are everywhere, clubs, mall and entertaintment , everywhere in the city . So many things to do, so little time to spend . But I dislike it somehow.

I do miss dad , cookies and cream, and the rest of my friend, but I got no choice but to leave the life I had in Ipoh , or else I will stuck in Ipoh forever doing things I wouldnt want to do .
Its sad to do this sometime, sometimes I just wish that I wasnt really born to be in this family. Wait, do I have one ? I do , but its crushed ! Like how I like to crush my garlic before stir-fry it in my Nasi Goreng .

I know yang bragging like this wont help me at any course . But I cant help but to write it , I need to spill it out , but I dont know to who I should do it . I wish I could tell this to mom or sis or bro or dad [ dream on! ] But I just cant , this will upset mom if she knows that Im not happy about the separation and the moving thing. I cant add somemore, she had more than enough and she dont deserve any of this . Im the youngest and I spent the rest 17 years and few months with her . I saw her bearing all the heavy bags of birdshots behind her , I want her to be happy . She's old already .

But I miss home and friends . And college is starting soon, in next week , another 11 days . Im so lucky because I only have to stay at the hostel for about a week for the orientation . Pheewww .

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