Monday, April 12, 2010

livin a weekend II

On that Friday nite, we're supposed to go out for dinner with Uncle Kamali . But he was exhausted, and so he called off the dinner plan . So we went across the street to Plaza Masa Alam, for a mediterannean treat . It wasnt that good, and wasnt that bad as well . Its quite okayy, but definitely not my favourite . But its good to let my taste bud explore the variety of food.

So we went to Sahara Tent . I like the ambience . Its very cozy . And nice , well the price was quite reasonable . But I think I prefer Naab . But over all its okayy lah .

We didnt ordered a lot, as we're not sure whether we could swallow the food :D HAHA But then went to groundfloor at the chocolate store. Thought of buying some to munch in room . But then, we saw this "takoyaki stall" . And bought some Octopus Takoyaki . It taste fantastic !

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