Monday, April 12, 2010

livin a weekend

This post is about how I spent my last weekend . We've been so busy this few days . Mommy wanted to see sister badly. And apparently, that planned was cancelled due to sister's busy-ness . But Dad came up with an idea. He got to go to Shah Alam for a few days, and he asked us to follow him , and just hang around in the hotel. And so, we went over with him . And Luckily sister could take a few days of, she was supposed to prepare her set up for the water contamination experiment. That Friday mornin, she went to Old Klang Rd, to get water samples, took them to her lab. And she went home packing, few hours after that, she came to the hotel with her friends.
I was starvingggg T_T . Wanted to call room service or go to the Cafe , but sister said, "No, I want to take you somewhere, you eat now, you'll be too full to eat later." Fine, so I waited. Then her friend drove us to Tesco in Section* [ i couldnt remember ] .

Filled our temptation with the SUPERB Briyani with plenty types of dishes . It was our fav Briyani restaurant ever . Uncle Kamali, mommy's lil brother used to take us there :D They opened a few branch already . And if Im not mistaken, the one they have in Subang Jaya was the first one .

Then we head back to our hotel, Concorde Shah Alam . And before we went out for lunch , as we reached the hotel lobby , right after the lift door opened. I saw Mohd Aidil Zafuan , Negeri Sembilan footballer / husband to an amazing actress, Rita Rudaini :D *bitesfingernails* His twin , Zaquan Adha and the rest of Negeri Sembilan team . And their coach is staying right in front of my room . Awww ;)

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