Monday, April 12, 2010

livin a weekend III

Went to MidValley on Saturday , sister got few stuff to buy . She went for bag-hunting, but she didnt buy any . Because none of it caught her attention . LOL . So do I . Nothing interesting .
Lunch time, Well I HEART lunch time !

Went to Manhattan Fish Market for lunch. Ordered a little, but still we felt so full. Nearly vomit. Urghh sickening .

Couldnt even finish the small flaming platter . Then went back to Hotel via the hotel shuttle. Freaking sleepy, fell asleep in the shuttle. Luckily I didnt snore. Didnt by anything from Midvalley . Lose my interest in shopping. I wonder why .

But theres something caught my attention in MidValley . Its FASHION WEEK baby! Saw the poshing and glamourous runway . But it was G200 collection . Which wasnt my brand .

After few hours of resting and chillin , auntie ai, kak Ija and shaggy came over. Dad wanted to buy us all dinner. Went to the restaurant at the hotel . Took few photos .

Sister ate a superb Rattatouile :) While I ate Wantan Noodles . But it isnt that nice though . How sad . The band who played for the nite, came over to our table and asked us to request some songs. So, mom, dad , auntie ai and I requested for some Indonesian song which we loved so much . We didnt ate much as we're still freaking full, caused by our lunch meals . And went up to our room and watch the football match :) And the Negeri Sembilan team won :D

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