Monday, January 11, 2010

P/s I hate you

Ive never had this kind of feeling when I was young, Ive never wanted to hate somebody badly til I wish they would vanish or just POOF ! SHOO! AWAY! I just want them to go away and leave me alone. Im always afraid to be all alone but not anymore, being or dating with somebody is such a burden.
When you think having somebody by your side or living with another person with you makes your life much easier, think it all over again.
I can assure you that you will regret it, never promise or make a deal too fast without thinking about it zillion times, ZILLION TIMES.
Im really sick of having somebody special with me, I really must say. Especially when that person was so carried away by the ex-girlfriend.
It is freaking tiring when they kept comparing you in whatever way they could.
When they finally speak up, telling you something like, Heyy you know what, actually I liked girls with long and beautiful hair. or maybe something like Babe, I rejected you before because to me youre freaking fat and I can hardly accept that because I like skinny ass.
What an ass ? Dare to tell that to your present girlfriend ?
For this one moment I really like this line , from the movie THE COVENANT, HARRY POTTER can kiss my ass. Which really shows how stupid and ridiculous the person is.
If youre so not over your ex, then why are you so freaking shitty to look for a replacement ?
Save me from the crappest part of a white lie. I hate those Babe, that was so long ago, now not anymore, I have this new, sweet cutie pie thought about you. Now i know that we are meant to be together. Excuse me ! I feel like puking now !.
How gross ! Grosser than some slimy thingy.
Well peeps, things can never go your way each time, and if you just cant get over something or someone, maybe just not yet, dont go and hurt somebodys feeling. What a beast !
And Im sick of a quiter or loser , who never wants to finish what they had started to fight for something that is theirs.
Im no an object which you could just throw away, I got feelings like you too. If you want people to respect you, first of all you have to learn to respect others.
And I hate people who let their weaknesses wins over, what a loser. PATHETIC LOSER.
And to whoever this post may concern, please change for good. Dont do it for me, do it for yourself.
What a shame.

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