Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dinner ;]

Brother bought Tower Zinger Burger from KFC just now, but I just dont feel like eating it since I just ate that burger last nite.
So, mum made me roti celup telur. First you have to make an omellete batter, is this what they call it ah ? haha. Then dip the bread into the batter and fry it. And eat it in anyway you like.
I feel kinda full, but I feel like eating pasta.
I still have a packet of macaroni in the kitchen, mom said make my own dinner if I want to eat again, so I decided to make a bolognaise macaroni. But theres nothing much in the kitchen.
So, I took out the Prego Pasta Sauce, and the other ingredients needed.
Then , I was super surprise because I saw mould inside the bottle, covering up few parts of the sauce and Im not sure, its the smell of the mould itself or the smell of the sauce that makes it so gross.
Then I went all the way upstairs just to ask my mom, if the sauce is still safe to eat.
Mom said its fine, just throw away those mould.

*see the mould*

Then I checked the cap to see if its already expired.

* MAY 13 2010*

I wonder why.

Here are few photos I took,



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