Monday, January 11, 2010

Auf wiederhsen

This song really reminds me of you, Part of The List : Ne-Yo ( covered by Marie Digby ).
I never knew that song exist til you send it to my msn, each time I heard that song, it really reminds me of you. Because I never liked this song before, and plus I still like it now.
And I still remember the first song you sing to me, Forever by Chris Brown.
I feel so amazed I could remember so many things that happens months and years ago, I do remember how we met and how we start to be friends.
Effin funny yaw :)

Nway, just wanna wish you well, Hope you become what you always wanted. Being there was one of your dream, now you have the chance, do your best.
I cant wait for you to comeback and hang out like how we used to do.

Bye, goodluck, will miss you .

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