Monday, January 11, 2010


Its really funny when you take a peek of your past, I mean those childish time, when youre in kindergarten, primary school, even secondary school.
I got nothing to do today, after went back from the back with my mom, I checked my Yahoo! inbox.
It was almost 1000++, damn. So, I checked 1 by 1, and delete it. Then I saw notification from MySpace about people who sent me comments on my photo and profile.
Then I see 1 by 1 again, and read it slowly and laugh HELL-ly.
Man its freaking funny I tell you, the comment was sent by 1 of my ex, back in 2006.
And the funniest part was our vocab and the usage of the word and the spelling.
Like the word ;

sayang - chayunk
love - lurve
sahaja - jew

And almost everything were written with shortforms and all kinds of style like cAps lOcK.
Its pretty embarassing too, it shows how childish I were. Because now, when Im a little more matured, I realised that I look fucking dumb when I write like that and so, I write everything in full spelling now, rarely with shortforms unless I want to save page for sms, HAHA.

Then I saw the old comments when I was in form 3, some random guys added me and sent me comments and try to flirt with me. And I cant believe it when I read what I replied, I did layan them. HELL NOOOOOOOOOO !
That wasnt me, I wish that wasnt me who wrote all those shitty stuff. DUhh, i need lots of foundation now. GOSH!

Then suddenly I missed my ex-es. I wish Im still with this guy, how I miss him. But it didnt turn out well for us. Maybe not now, perhaps one day :D
urghhh DRAMA !
I feel like an idiot when I think of those past time, because Im like an ass.
I did bad stuff few years back, but now Im all good.
haha. But at least I wont regret, because I had tonnes of everlasting fun of my life

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