Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ooopss Im bleeding,

Im feeling sad for no good or acceptable reason,
Feels like somebody punched chest.
And its killing me,
Im unhappy for some certain reasons which in the end leads to uncertainty.
I feel lost, though I should be happy,
Should I really be happy ?
Does happiness still exist now and then ?
If my heart and intestine and all the organs inside is visible,Align Center
I bet Id be the yuckiest person in the world.
Youll see redness water, except its thicker than water,
runs all over my organs,
Spreading out, as its lost its way too.
I shall smile, but maybe not yet,
I shall cry, but maybe I had enough,
What should I do ?
Im plain, blank and pointless now, as if Ive lost my soul,
Does anybody needs a soul, well take mine,
You may bargain it,
What the hell am I thinking now ?
Should I buy a map, and highlight the route,
or should I just google it, or maybe I should just go with the flow.
I dont know,, once again Im plain, blank and pointless.
For what I am or who I am,
Im sorry, I dont see this as a suicide note,
because I dont intend to write one.
I shall wait for my soul to be on the list,
Soul for trade, trading my soul for what ?
The uncertainty that I like to hear before its certain ?
Im in a definite pain.

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