Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Relationship issuessss


I love falling in love, it's sweet, but I hate breaking up. That is when everything is sour, bitter and ugly. I hate it when we have to say all the ugly things about our previous partner, and remember all the shits they did. How I wish breaking up is an easy job. Anyway, that is not why I decided to blog this up.

Few days ago , I met my high school friends. And you know, we girls talk about boys a lot. So, one of them talks about her ex boyfriend, about why she decided to end their relationship. A week before that, my other friend talked to me about her boyfriend, cheating behind her back, doing things she dislikes and all.

I'm an observant, I like to observe and take it as a lesson. After listening to all the stories about my friends past and current relationship scares me. I'm afraid that it might happen to me too. I know I know there's nothing I can do to stop it from happening, but says who ? Staying out of relationship is the safest. I'm not into the love game like Gaga did.

I love a person because I want to love, to be loved, and spread the love not to be cheated to be played, to be hurt or to cry in the middle of the night. I don't know where relationship can take me. After listening about all the terrible things a guy capable of, the image of the guy that I like rushes in. He's a nice guy, no doubt. But, he's too nice to be true. Sedangkan yang rupa nerd pun boleh curang and did all the crazy things, ini kan dia. Not that I'm trying to say that he's good looking. Tapi he's quite tampan *okay kawan kawan ayuh muntah berjemaah*. But that's not what makes me fell for him. I shall not tell you about it here.

Let say, kalau he likes me back and told me about all the shits he did before, mampu ke aku nak terima ? I'm not an angel, aku tahu aku pun tak baik mana. Tapi one thing for sure, I won't repeat all the bad things I did before. Tapi dia lelaki, he's capable of doing whatever he wants. Kalau dia sekadar contact ex-grilfriend dia saja tak apa, jangan keluar lepak berdua. Eish banyak betul yang aku takutkan. Pokoknya, aku takut.

Okbye, mood dah hilang sebab takut sangat .

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