Monday, April 9, 2012

Untitled Part V

Been away from blog far too long, not sure what made me feel like blogging again tonight. Perhaps the heavy thoughts I've been carrying around. I'm at the point where nothing make any sense anymore. I bleed, my heartaches, I cried but I nothing ease the pain. It's not something new, but these things won't go away. These negative thoughts of mine. Read so many articles and books on how to be happy but nothing seems to work, nothing. Just nothing seems to work. Just when I thought I finally found a thousand reason to smile and to live happily, there's Mr.Thunderstorm paying me a visit, repeatedly.

Maybe the timing isn't right. I'm emotionally fine right now, even after he left. However, he came back, quite a few time. But I wasn't that stupid to let him enter and mess everything up again. I believe this is karma slapping me real hard, and Im butthurt now. Yes, I broke his and few others heart previously so it's time for me to pay the price. But I never thought it'd be this tough. He told me how much he missed me, but yeah, he's one greedy guy. One is never enough, and I just hate sharing.

I guess that's why friends exist. They are my full time savior. And urm yeah, I'm having this weird crushing thing on two guys. One is urm impossible the other one is far from impossible, but God could make it possible but I'm not sure if I want to. LOL

So, yeah I guess this is one shitty post ey ?

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