Monday, April 9, 2012

So close to nothing

Hi, I have one more final paper and then au revoir semester 5. The most disastrous/challenging semester ever. Cried almost every single night for some really stupid reasons. I wish it would end soon but I also wish it won't end. I'm 70% close to completing my diploma. I have another two semester to go and then I'm done with diploma.

I still can't decide on what course to do next, where and such. These things keep buzzing like busy bees. I wish I don't have to think about it. And urm the worse part of my life now is liking someone who is 100% positively out of my league. Well that's not the worse, the worst part is wondering if any of my friend is urm something something with him. woooo pain in the arse, I know its pretty impossible but impossible dont exist. Paranoid , hurm thats my middle name. Fear, hurm my first name. Hopeless, that's my last name. So I'm Miss Fear Paranoid Hopeless. You can call me Fear, Paranoid, or Hopeless or Fear Paranoid Hopeless.

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