Sunday, October 16, 2011

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How can I not die , how can I not break down and cry. The most painful thing ever is hoping that everything would be okay if one put their ego aside and wake up the other day wishing that everything will be alright. I'm regretting everything. I seriously think that opening up to someone is a huge , not just huge but enormous mistake ! I shouldntve trust anybody, because everybody is a liar and kept telling lies and I can't take it anymore .

It's like why should I be responsible for every single thing ? Hello I'm as normal as you, no difference at all. How come you can have all the fun while I'm right here all alone, crying, feeling depressed and all.

Im sick of being the most rational ones in every single thing, its so tiring to think of whats good and whats bad.

Dah lah , Im just posting this because I feel so mad deep down inside and i cant put off the fire.

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