Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I had for breakfast the other day @ The Gardens .

My very first visit to Paddington House of Pancakes . 
A very nice place to dine :) I love the breakfast set . 

I dont remember where I put the photos . 

What I love about what I had that morning is the kartoffelpuffer ! Never had it before . 

The whole meal was Soup of The Day , Baked Beans , Eggs and Kartoffelpuffer . 
Kartoffelpuffer is German Potato Pancake , which taste heavenly ! 

This is how it looks like .

I've never tried tomato soup before , so when my meal arrived , I was having a second thought . Felt like exchanging it with my mom who had some kind of pancakes which is served with lemon and brown sugar . 

I thought tomato soup is a terrible idea , til I give it a try . Took less than half spoon of the soup . And suddenly , I taste heaven . It is terribly delicious ! It's very smooth , yet full of texture . 

Eish hard to describe the taste . How I love tomato soup and broccoli soup :)

And I had the best breakfast of all . 

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