Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My favourite Ikan Kering shop in Ipoh

I dont really remember the name of the shop , but I certainly know where it is located . It is in the old town of Ipoh or most people called it as " Pekan Lama " where the buildings are really old , but still standing . I'm so proud of it , but I think they should give it a new paint *tiba tiba sangat* 

I'm a huge fan of saltiness . I like salty stuff . I really like pickles lah , but I don't eat those jeruk buah and such . I like dried fish , dried squid and all . Basically dried seafood . And this shop sells everything that I like . Ussually we borong lah , because we like to stock it up in our fridge . 

This is the beans . 

Dried sea cucumber . 

Anchovies ! 

Didnt have the chance to snap the photo of dried fish and more . But this shop is unbelievably big . They sell almost everything , to chinese ginseng/herbs to dried foods :)

And I forgot to take the photos of ikan kering and some other stuff .

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