Saturday, March 12, 2011

where were we ?

You told me how you want things between us to work out . You told me everything , and I'm aware of your fear , and so do you when it comes to me . However , after that thing you do , it changes us completely . Correction , not us but only you . 

I was there all the time , being myself , like always , never change a bit . Maybe a little in size but mentally, no . Never . Okayy this sounds a little cliche , but you really are different . I can say that you are one of a kind . 

I was there even when you were not there for me when I needed you the most . I was there waiting for you to call me back before you close your door . I was there celebrating your happiness . I was there when you have mix-emotion . I was there when you were hungry . I was there when you need someone to listen to you . I'm not trying to dig it all out now . 

But since you notice the changes now , Im telling this grandma story back . It really makes me feel sad to see us like this . From nobody to a bloody friend to a cool friend to a sweet friend to a sugar dear to a baby boo to nobody again , all of a sudden . Just because I was not there next to you . How was I to know that you had already applied for the thang . 

So again , the blame is on me . Fingers please -.-' 

It's too late to blame anybody now . I'm already one step ahead , not ready to go back anymore . It's too late , my love for you is in the framed . Old framed , hung by the wall , at my old place . Covered with dust , and I just couldn't be bother to wipe the dust off . It's history . Nice knowing you , nice loving you . I totally had a great time together . But I don't want to go back and cry because of what you did . 

My heart is really fragile , once broken consider sold . Eh bukan , consider apa apa lah . 
Thanks for everything . 

I'm so happy that I finally can accept things easily and think maturedly . Alhamdulillah :)

Goodnight . Take care . 

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