Saturday, March 12, 2011

More bags . Can die lor .

I am a normal girl , who loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee bags more than boys . And my addiction to bags is unstoppable . I know in my previous previous post , Ive posted a number of bags that I have and the quantity of my whole bag collection . It's not much , around 50 . But it includes my school backpack , shopping bag , sling bag and stuff . My handbags are countable , by fingers . So that means I only have a few . They are all bought by my mom , she swiped her card , so it means her money , she bought for me . 

Anyway , my post today is about my obsession . My mom is a member of . But she's not interested in checking all the bags and price like everyday 24/7 like me . And so , to satisfy my lust for over-priced handbags , I checked the website all the time . I've bookmarked it :D HEHE 

And so , as I was going through the website the other week , I saw this event, 1% imperfect Prada sale . Perfect Prada could cost you a fortune . If I managed to get one of the imperfect one also , I wouldnt mind , but I'd like to know which part of it is imperfect lah kan . But still , I have quite a few of my favourite .

Imperfect ? 1% percent only . 

The one in the box is the two that I like :D 
The luggage bag is sooooo awesome with the classic colour of Prada . 

I heart that tangy orange bag . I certainly do not know from what season it was . But it looks deliciously pretty to me . It is RM 7, 031 . Original price was Rm 10, 535 . 

My love for quilted and chained handbag is originally from the vintage Chanel . Before this I thought Chanel was the only brand that have such bag , but the other day I found out that Prada have one of those :D Seronok kan ? And and the best part of it is , it is only Rm 2, 165 . Instead of RM 4, 332 . 

The one in the box is on my wishlist , however , that is not my bag to die for . 

I can go crazy if Prada kept on creating new handbags . I like the black and maroon Cervo Shine . The structure of the bag seems solid and the shape is classic :D

This one in the box is my mom favourite . I have one similar to that , but it's fully in brown colour . And it's from Elle . Same features , with the tassle and all . 

Okayy this one is not Prada . 
It's Balenciaga . 

Had always love Balenciaga bags , especially this one . Mainly becuase of it's vibrant colours .

This one is YSL . 
Again , it is my mom's favourite piece from YSL .

At , they sell almost everything , not particularly handbags and fashion items , they sell house deco thang also . Like cushions , kitchen tools and more .

Cushions from Bonjour Mon Coussin . It's soooo adorable . 

So cute . I want one , but my apartment doesnt have any sofa pun . So , no cushions as well . 

As I was going through the website , I found this yummy ringgggg . 
Macaron anyone ? 

Enough for now , thanks for reading *kalau ada orang baca* 

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