Sunday, February 13, 2011

MAKAN ; MAK ! my first meatballs with kawan .

I bet I'm the only person who never tried Ikea Meatballs . It's like Nasi Lemak to everybody , something that everybody had already had/taste . Even once . Okayy I'm a noob . sorry . My sister doesnt like this Damansara Bandar Utama area . Heavy traffic and its pretty hard to get parking spot . So , my friends took me there , to Ikea @ Ikano , you know to say hi and exchange greetings with fella meatballs . I had so many kind of meatballs from so many places , but the one in Ikea is one of my favourite . Wait not only MY favourite , it's everybody's FAVOURITE . LOL

I dont want to mention about how it taste because I might over do it . And and then , the four of us , Fyqa Zara & Linda and ofcourse , I myself lined up to pick up our food . This is the best part , because I dont know what to take . I thought it would cost a lot , but it didn't seriously . We paid for one Seafood Pasta @ The Loaf , but what we actually get was 15 MEATBALLS , 1 plate of vegetarian pasta , 2 plate of chicken leg and herb sauce with two boiled potatoes on each plate , 4 cups of coffee , 1 plate of Almondy Daim Cake , 2 chicken wings . Isn't it amazing ? Truly amazing . Am so kampung T_T Malu kejap .

This is the tray and cup station . After you take your trolley , you line up for this ,
 This is the starting point :D Next to the cup station is the sweet sensation station . 

This is where I found my true love . HEHE . 
My almondy daim on the rack . * kot lah rack * 

Oh so-succulent meatballs . I miss you already . 
Wish you well in my stomach . 

The healthy + yummy + CHEAP chicken leg . 
Consist of two boiled potatoes , generous amount of THIN carrots and ofcourse 
the chicken itself . 

Oh my boyyy , Almondy Daim Cake in front of my very eyes .
The moment I let them lay down on my tongue with my both eyes closed ,
I feel good , awesome . As if I was re-born .
Well that is TOO much . 

The reason why I was there , all the way from SHAH ALAM was you baby . 
Juicy meatballs with fries , berries and I dont want to describe the gravy .
I'll sound like a mad person if I do . 

The Chicken Wings , I cant help you with this .
I certainly do not have any idea how this taste . Because I didnt have any .
Too busy indulging the rest of the food .

Simple pasta that taste so great ! 

Erm the coffee , one more is not coffee , photos of the other one is not included .
The other one is cola . 
Here's a cappucino , Espresso and Black Coffee . 

I am really sorry my dear friends , for not taking any photos of us indulging the food and having a wonderful time . Please accept my sincere apology * alasan. sebenarnya nak ajak pergi lagi :D *

Thats all about my eating addiction . Ciao

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