Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the gala dinner COSTUME hunting .

Eversince I became fatter than ever , I don't keep much clothes in my closet . You probably find loads of tees . The daily tees , the free tees , the merchandise tees , the band tees , the brand tees , the places tees , all sorts of TEES . I just have too many of 'em . I have to admit it that I've been a little down when it comes to trying and buying clothes this days . I hate shopping for clothes . Because the sizes had shrunk . Well , Im getting bigger too. But it seems like XL -> L , L -> M , M -> S and so . It gets smaller . Isnt it weird ? And and people are getting smaller , all of them while I get bigger .

I was at Ikano the other day , for skirt hunting and meatball session . So , I google the whole place . I googled it for real , not virtually . But I couldnt find any ! For real . And so , we go to the Curve next door . Couldnt FIND ANY as well T_T Definitely not my luck .

And then I went to Sunway Pyramid today after lunch . Again , I failed. Thought of getting a straight leg pants from Marks & Spencer , but it doesnt look that good on me . I went from shop to shop . Then , here comes Topshop . Caught my eyes on this supernice dress .

Am so into it . But so not my budget . 

This is how I imagine my look for that night if I really buy this mini dress . 

Minus the flats and bag for sure . I dont like to wear accessories . Maybe a black studded earing will do the trick . No necklace as the dress is layery , there's a texture already so a necklace is not needed . 

But at the first place I was thnking of something more like this . 

Okayy , that wasnt the right maxi skirt I want , but couldnt find any better maxi skirt on polvore.com And the blouse isnt the one that I recently bought . But it's close lah . I dont care about the bags and shoes much as the most important thing is the clothes that's gonna wrap me up .

I'm trying to beg my sister to take me to Midvalley tomorrow. Perhaps I'll find a skirt from Robinsons or any shop lah . 

Hurm thats all for tonight . Im tired . 

Nway , I am also busy looking for my mmc . I didnt misplace it  but I couldnt find it T_T I couldnt remember at alllll ! 

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