Wednesday, February 23, 2011

LOL , im the most boring-est person alive .

Im such a boring person , now I know why I'm stilll single . I am not as attractive as the other girls . I dont have what guys are looking for . I certainly do not have those sexy killer legs . Sometimes I just dont understand guys , I dont know what they want . When they are depressed , just got dumped and blah blah , they would say that they want someone who they can trust rely , blah blah , and that appearance does not matter . That is a lie . Big fat lie . They really care about their girlfriend's appearance like hell.

None of the above brings me down . I mean , it's like I dont feel that upset about it . Its not a big deal , its just I love the feeling to have someone close to you , like having a person that you could share stories with . I know friends could help me settle all that . You know I want special friend , whom I could talk to , about everything , about my current friends and all , about my family , my life . Someone who would care about me more more more than friends would . Who would appreciate me day and night . *banyak pulak mintaknya*

I would be happier than ever , no no . I would be just happy , and appreciated . I dont want somebody who would lie to me , right in front my face . A person who would mess up my life is a nono . I just missed being in a relationship . Ive been single for quite a long time . About a year already . OMG ! A year , can you believe it ? When I was still in school , I was the only one who couldnt stand the feeling of alone-ness . I would go from one to another . Its like from going to one shop to another . I sounded like a B*TCH ! But thats how I live my life BEFORE I WAS FAT . I know that I was the one who made that decision , but what else can I do ? I want him , but I dont want to get hurt , like before . I want to find somebody who would like me just the way I am . Not because of my appearance , not because of what I wear , who is my father . And I'm happy that I wasnt cheated or lied anymore . I know those days were my bad days , I fall in love , broke my heart , cried out loud by my bedroom window , throwing stuff , however , I manage to get up , stand straight for a few times . And my life goes well since then , since I knew that getting fat would save me from all this misery . LAME !

I just the feeling to smile for no reason , to received text message saying Hi , imy or Hi , ily . Eishhh damn rindu that feeling . When when somebody tells you have a nice day , bla bla

MENGADA kan . Dah lah , feels so pathetic writing this -.-'

*hiasan semata mata* 


wadah.khalid said...

kesian.. takper,ku ada kamu!
ahaks ahaks

blacksheep said...

thanks wadah , sayang kau banget