Saturday, February 19, 2011

how i hate my p.o.b

At this very moment ,  I finally love SHAH ALAM . And how I was there NOW . I am feeling so fcken up and you know what , I really hate that kinda feeling . I hate having friends because I always felt like I was used , like all the time .

What I hate the most is going back to Ipoh and my friends couldnt come and meet me or hang out because they dont have transport . Like what kinda reason is that ? When I'm in Shah Alam , you people kept asking me to come back , I told you people already , that Saga wasnt mine . so I cant drive it around like it's mine . We were so used to the cab before , so why cant we take the cab now ?

If this is how youre going to treat me , then I better dont come back lah . Wasting my time . It's wayyyy better for me to stay in Shah Alam and study my ass off . When I didnt go back to Ipoh , you people said you miss me. When I'm in town , you guys tells me shit . I am damn dissapointed ! I bet I never broke any of our promises . Eventhough I stay so far from you guys , I still wall and inbox and ask you out right . But this is how you treat me ? Fuck lah ! I seriously cannot tahan . Always also fong fei kei me . Do you think Im an idiot ? Please lah , I have a life and a heart too . Takkan its all about you people . Where were you guys when I need you people the most ? When I really need to talk when I feel sad ? But where was I when you people wants to tell me sad story of yours ? You crisis with boyfriend and so ? Fuck that too . I was there , sometimes on the line sometimes on the phone . My body wasnt next to you , but my mind , prayer is next to you . So stop bullshitting me . Girlfriends are people who sucked at keeping promise .

The only person that I could talk to whenever I feel sad is that guy . He was the one . Its not that I have feelings for him or whatever you want to say , but he was there . He was there on my birthday , not only there , in fact he throw me a PARTY . I'm not asking for birthday party , all I asked for is your time . but still , you just couldnt spare some for me . all the time you have is for your boyfriend .

And you seriously need me to fetch you . FUNNY ! If I didnt fetch , then pity me , I dont have anybody to hang out with .

Dah lah , so sick of this .

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